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If you know me at all about a month and a bit ago I had a large amount of my camera gear stolen. It sucked, heaving some one break into your car and t...

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Strobis Gear

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I was asked by Bert & Mac’s to make a 15 sec Commercial for the tour of Alberta Event.   I will also be making at 30, 60 second commercial ...

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Tour of Alberta 2014

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Hello my friends, clients and followers: Cancer is never a fun thing to talk about, but it affects everyone on this little planet of ours. Whether you...

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Prints for a Cure

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Before winter showed it self this year I had a chance to go out with a few Local ride to film a short edit....

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Fall Bike Riding.

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So most of you might know that I broke my collar bone this week. I am doing well and figuring stuff out. What I am bloging about today is that I want ...

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I’m hurt and it sucks!

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If you want to check out all the stuff I shoot with my POV cameras check out my blog. it will mainly have biking, sn...

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